Diagnostic Electrique Obligatoire

Le Diagnostic Electrique Obligatoire


Several inspections (lead, asbestos, energy performance, gas...) must be carried out at the time of the sale of a house. From January 1 2009, a diagnosis of the electric installation must be produced when the property is more than 15 years old.


The purpose of the diagnosis is to evaluate the safety risk to people.  Its principal objective is to inform the purchaser of the state of the electric installation before they buy.


Of the 31 million residences in France, 7 million domestic electrical installations present risks. 2.3 million of them are regarded as particularly dangerous.  According to estimates', each year, 100 people die by electrocution and 4 000 people are victims of a serious electrification;  Of the 250 000 annual domestic fires, 80 000 would be of electrical origin.  Private individuals must become aware of the dangers which a defective electrical installation can represent.


Source : Observatoire national de la sécurité électrique (ONSE)


First Year Results


Field analysis conducted by the ONSE on 6,000 diagnostic tests, revealed that 72% of the electrical installations in this sample showed at least 3 anomalies. Installation of grounding (79%), or risk of direct contact (74%), use of out-dated, inappropriate materials and spaces containing a bathtub or a shower (65%).